We're for fairer and transparent mobility

I feel it COMIN
Station F x COMIN
COMIN reunion
Station F x COMIN
COMIN candies
I feel it COMIN
COMIN x Station F
COMIN reunion
COMIN candies

Our commitment to fairer mobility

At COMIN, we're reinventing the concept of urban mobility to build a fairer, more transparent world.

For drivers, COMIN means lower commissions and a real opportunity to become a stakeholder in the company. For users, it's the promise of a service that values every player involved in your journey.

COMIN is a platform where every journey is a celebration of fairness and kindness. It's an invitation to join a community where the human is at the center, where every voice counts, and where every choice is a step towards more conscious and responsible mobility.

Embark with us to be part of a revolution that places its community at the heart of every kilometer traveled. Join COMIN and let's move forward together.

Equity COMIN


The fairest model, valuing both drivers and passengers.

Inclusiveness COMIN


Open to all, where every voice counts and can be heard.

Liability COMIN


A sustainable model, with priority given to green vehicles.

Community COMIN


A community-centric model that builds trust and collective support.

Quality COMIN


Reliable service is at the heart of every ride.

Innovation COMIN


Integration of the latest technologies to deliver the best experience.

Transparency COMIN


Open governance focused on clarity and integrity of actions.

Commitment COMIN


Dedication to the satisfaction and well-being of every user and driver.

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